Achal Dua is a desi with a dream; the dream of bringing fitness revaluation to South Asians. With that clear focus in mind, Achal started Bollywood Abs

Achal’s path began much the same as any young Indian with the desire to make something of himself. He focused on his education and once his schooling was completed, he entered the IT field. Unfortunately, or most who have had the chance to work with him would say, fortunately, he found it boring and unfulfilling.

His motivation for Bollywood Abs and Bollywood Bootcamp stems from his own experience. As an overweight child witnessing the health restrictions of his inactive mother, he noticed his "on the go" father was healthy and happy. The obvious health benefit of his father’s lifestyle led him to explore the benefits of an active life. It is a feeling he describes as a sense of self-accomplishment which has given him a strong feeling of confidence. His desire to share his principled and proven fitness routine with as many people he can is the reason he has been tirelessly devoted to producing "Bollywood Bootcamp".

The book he authored "Potomac Personal Trainers - Fitness Program!" breaks down the concept of good health in its most basic form. He is currently at work on a new book "From FAT to FABULOUS" which highlights a step–by- step routine for South Asians to get most out of their physical self.

Achal Dua, Personal Trainer, Washington DC Clients and friends will agree that Achal’s greatest strength is in his ability to bridge the gap between fitness and the South Asian mentality. As a South Asian himself, he can relate to the idea of cultural comfort and the reliance on a specific cultural diet.

"I think a barrier that prevents South Asians, especially South Asian women, from going to the gym, is that they’re self conscious. They don’t know what to do or where to start. I can understand that. That’s why I wanted to create an equally effective video series that could break through that barrier." Achal goes on to say, "Achieving a healthy fitness level doesn’t mean you have to punish yourself; you just need to be more aware of what kinds of food items you are eating and be disciplined with your exercise."

Mr. Dua practices what he preaches. On a typical day, Achal wakes up early to work out, meditate and eat a healthy a breakfast to start off the day. "I like to switch up my exercise routine each day because it keeps things fun and works out different parts of my body each day. If it’s yoga on Monday, then it’s weights on Tuesday."

Because of his busy schedule on the road meeting clients and giving presentations, Achal makes sure to pack his lunch, a discipline that helps him control over portions and provides some flexibility with his diet. "Keeping my own fitness routine, then working with my clients, and then running errands, is a lot in one day. It’s not impossible, but it does take some discipline." The balancing act he practices in his own life highlights his commitment to his goal. "I honestly believe what differentiates me from the other fitness gurus out there is that I am passionate in every facet of life and it is my goal to share that enthusiasm through this DVD training series designed for South Asians."

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