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Find answers to the questions that concerns you most. The Who, What and Whys of Bollywood Abs

Q1. What is Bollywood Abs? Answer...
Bollywood Abs is a full service home fitness company targeting the South Asian Market. Their portfolio of products includes but is not limited to fitness gear, apparel, home fitness equipment and nutritional supplements. The newest addition to our products is X-Treme 5, the first in a series of home fitness videos specifically geared to the South Asian market.

Bollywood Abs mission is to motivate and educate South Asians about health, fitness, and the benefits of maintaining a fit lifestyle. We operate by adhering to provide factual (beneficial) information related to food and fitness, make a commitment to help you achieve your goals the right way and take the initiative to provide you with new and innovative ways to improve your overall health.
Q2. What is Bollywood Bootcamp? Answer...
Bollywood Bootcamp, is the first in a series of home fitness videos specifically geared to the South Asian market. Bollywood Bootcamp is a food and fitness program comprised of 30 minute workout including Cardio, Weight Training, Yoga, Pilates & Advanced Weight Training in ONE DVD! The ease of use, detailed instructions, and results oriented workouts elevate you to another level of fitness. It also includes one of the most comprehensive recipes section that takes all the guess work out in planning your South Asian meals. You will start losing weight in no time and that too the RIGHT WAY
Q3. Who is Achal Dua? Answer...
Achal Dua, who is better known as the Desi Fit Guru is an elite personal trainer. A Desi with a dream to revolutionize South Asian Fitness and take it to the next level. He started Bollywood Abs with one thing in mind, and that is to educate South Asians about health, nutrition and benefits of living a healthy lifestyle. Achal has appeared in various local TV shows and has conducted numerous motivational seminars throughout the country and is also active on various fitness blogs. Author of Potomac Personal Trainers-Fitness Program has now launched his new venture X-Treme 5 - a food and fitness program for today's South Asians. Being a South Asian, he can easily understand the reliance of the cultural lifestyle and diet. Keeping that in mind, his creation of X-Treme 5 provides work out instructions and nutritional guidance keeping South Asian food in mind. He believes in staying fit the RIGHT way and this program helps in doing just that!
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