"Pictures don't lie. I started doing all the components of Bollywood Bootcamp with one simple goal and that was to make it Interesting and fun. I have lost 40 lb. in 8 months and thats when I decided to create BOLLYWOOD BOOTCAMP."
- Achal D., 28 yrs

"I have lost 7-8 lb. in 3 weeks of following Bollywood Bootcamp. If I can achieve the results in my 60's than anyone can do it! Those 8 weeks really changed my outlook of eating right and working out"
- Alan M., 63 yrs

"Within few weeks of doing Bollywood Bootcamp I saw a big change in my clothes and was feeling full of energy and was sleeping so much better. I lost 7 lb. in 4 weeks and I am looking forward to finish my 8 week program!!!"
- Kanya S., 52 yrs

"I started with this program when I was 230 lb. and now after 2 yrs. I weigh 130 lb! I lost a person in me....how is that for a AMAZING GOAL... I love the program because its fun, fast and I am never bored with it."
- Lauri K., 27 yrs

"Bollywood Bootcamp gave me that change and that extra push that I was looking for! I have lost 23 lb. and I am in the best shape of my life and I love it. Combination of Cardio, Weight training, Yoga & Pilates really pushes your body to the X-Treme!"
- Sanghamitra M., 38 yrs

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Achal Dua

Meet Achal Dua - Your Desi Fit Guru

Achal Dua, who is better known as the Desi Fit Guru is an elite personal trainer.

A Desi, with a dream to revolutionize the South Asian Fitness and take it to the next level.

Get Recipes - Flavorful dishes, not diet food

Spicy Okra

Chop off the heads and tails of Okra, Vertically cut (okra) Bhindi into halves such that the piece remains intact.

  • Calories:174
  • Fat11 g
  • Carbs:19 g
  • Protein:4 g
Spicy Okra

Testimonials: Success Stories

Kanya - Before
Kanya - After
  • I started training with Achal & his Bollywood Bootcamp 3 times a week and learned the importance of doing both cardio AND weight training.
  • I lost 7 lbs in first 4 weeks of doing Bollywood Bootcamp! Its fun, exciting and you really sweat...
  • Kanya S.
Alan - Before Before
Alan - After


  • I was looking for that extra push and something that will change the way I workout. With bollywood bootcamp I really felt the difference.
  • I can fit into my old pants again and learned new, healthy eating habits.
  • Alan M.

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* Exercise and proper diet are necessary to achieve and maintain weight loss and muscle definition. Results are not guaranteed.